Where can I buy Fairtrade Products?

You can buy hundreds of different Fairtrade certified products in stores all over Ireland. So much so that we can’t even count them all!

Fairtrade certified coffee, bananas, tea, sugar, cocoa products, cotton and textiles, flowers, wine, nuts, spices, cosmetics, and even gold are available in supermarkets, speciality and health food stores, pharmacies, jewellers, farmers markets and online.

Just look for the Fairtrade Mark when you go shopping.Print

This mark ensures that the farmers have received the Fairtrade Price and Premium and that the Fairtrade Standards have been adhered to.

If you are looking to buy products at wholesale level for an event, business or workplace, see our wholesale and procurement guide here:

Fairtrade Wholesale and Procurement Guide

Use this guide to source Fairtrade certified products for your business or event.