Thursday 3rd March at 5pm

World Wildlife Day

For  World Wild Life Day this year we are bringing together a coffee farmer from the highlands of Honduras (did you know Honduras has 40,000 trees for every person in the country?!) and a man who has a couple of acres in West Clare in Ireland and who has just written a book, Under Summer Pastures,  about that rarest of Irish forests – the temperate rainforest.

Raquel Girdon Rosales is from Subirana in  Honduras will tell us about what initiatives her cooperative COMISUYL is taking to look after the farms and forestry in their area and to  combat and offset the effects that climate change has in their agricultural lives. Her cooperative is actively engaged with sustainable energy programmes and in supporting biodiversity particularly for forests and birdlife.  Ray O’Foghlu Is a woodland conservationist. His background is in Environmental Science, where he specialised in Forests and Water Quality. He has worked for the last decade in the Irish eNGO sector. He is currently the Landowner Engagement Coordinator at Hometree Charity. Ray will tell us about his work, his love of the temperate rainforests and the book he co-authored with many other environmental activists.

This conversation will allow us to reimagine…

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