Tuesday 1st March at 2-3PM

EU please Be Fair to Small-holder Farmers and to Forests

Proposed new EU deforestation regulations to be adopted in 2022 are welcome in terms of climate protection but may further impoverish or even exclude small holder producers of coffee and cocoa.

We are asking the EU to amend their proposals on deforestation to be fair to small-holder-farmers and to forests. Juan Pablo Solis, Fairtrade International’s lead on climate related issues, and Bismark Kpabitey a 36-year-old Ghanaian cocoa farmer a member of a Fairtrade certified cooperative called Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union will set out the lived reality for cocoa producers and the policy initiatives needed from the EU by small-holders. Jose Omar Rodriguez Romero – just “Omar” to his friends – is a 4th Generation coffee producer, coffee lover, and resident of the village of Capucas, San Pedro de Copan, Honduras.

Bismark and Juan Pablo represented Fairtrade at COP26 in Glasgow in 2021 and Bismark spoke on behalf of producers from West Africa where he presented some of the challenges cocoa producers are going through as result of climate change and actions being taken to adapt and mitigate against these challenges. Jose is a leader of the coffee growing community in Capucas in Honduras.es.

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