Ideas to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight

Want to get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight? Here are some ideas for events and initiatives you can run locally.

Have a Fairtrade Coffee Morning

A caffeinated campaign classic. The perfect way to spread the word on Fairtrade is over a Fairtrade cuppa.

Order in some of the dozens of Fairtrade coffees on offer, a few Fairtrade biscuits and chocolates to go with them, and get the conversation started.

Need an ice-breaker? Did you know 50 per cent of land currently used for coffee could be unusable by 2050 due to climate change? That could devastate whole communities, and mean coffee is much harder to find.

A Fairtrade Film Night

There’s lots of great, free-to-watch films to watch online or download that explore why Fairtrade makes a difference. Organise a screening, perhaps alongside some Fairtrade refreshments, and then start a discussion.

Check out our list of suggested films for starters. They even include some questions to get the conversation flowing afterwards.

See the films here

Sign Up to the Good Clothes – Fair Pay Campaign

Good Clothes, Fair Pay is a campaign demanding living wage legislation across the garment, textile and footwear sector. We need 1 million signatures from EU citizens to push for legislation that requires companies to conduct living wage due diligence in their supply chains.

Sign Up to the Good Clothes – Fair Pay Campaign Petition and Get Others to Do The Same!

An art exhibition or competition

Every year we receive inspiring drawings, paintings, music, poetry and other artwork from the brilliant young campaigners and learners in our Fairtrade movement.

Often the most amazing creations come from locally-organised competitions to design artwork that highlights Fairtrade and fair trade issues. A competition, with Fairtrade goodies as a prize, can really help get young minds focused on Fairtrade in your area. See below artworks from Fairtrade Limerick!

Mark International Women’s Day

Did you know International Women’s Day falls in Fairtrade Fortnight on the 8th March? Equal rights for women is absolutely central to Fairtrade – so celebrate that choosing Fairtrade means choosing to back empowered women changing trade for the better.

Meet Juliet Arku-Mensah, Juliet works promoting the Fairtrade philosophy of empowering workers, particularly women.

Fairtrade Wine Tasting

The range of tasty Fairtrade wines on our shelves keeps growing, so help your friends and family catch up with a Fairtrade wine tasting.

Then, as people drink up, explain the difference it makes to choose a Fairtrade vino – you can pick up a selection of wines in M&S, Aldi and Independent Stores.

What’s in Your Shopping Basket

In schools, communities and towns conduct a survey to see how many Fairtrade products you can find in your local supermarket share the results with your communities and post on social media.

Encourage people to Swap a Fairtrade item in their shopping basket it’s so easy!

Fairtrade Bake Off

Host a bake off making delicious cakes, biscuits, muffins with as many Fairtrade ingredients as you can find!

Ideas for Judging: Taste, Appearance, Creativity, Number of Fairtrade Ingredients used.

Share your pictures and recipes on social media!

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