The aim of Fairtrade@Work programme is to harness the power of companies and their employees to raise awareness about Fairtrade and increase the personal and organisational commitment to just consumer practices.


Fairtrade@Work is an international programme to add to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) portfolio; whether your company is well-versed in the world of sustainability, or a newbie wanting to contribute to the promotion of equality and sustainability.

Fairtrade principles of environment, quality and sustainability tie in with the United Nations Global Compact’s call to companies everywhere to voluntarily align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and so on.

You can demonstrate your ethical commitment and make a difference to farmers and workers around the world simply by offering Fairtrade products to your staff and visitors.

What Fairtrade products can we use?

There are a variety of Fairtrade coffees and teas that you can use in your office, and we can also assist you in sourcing Fairtrade wine for functions and office parties. Fairtrade items are now so widely available from catering suppliers, wholesalers, online and all major supermarkets, it’s simple for your company to make the switch.

Additionally, becoming a Fairtrade workplace won’t impact on your profitability as the price point is comparable. It is possible that your existing catering supplier already lists Fairtrade options for you to choose from – just ask! If they don’t, please see our National Wholesale and Procurement Guide

How can we become a Fairtrade Work Place?

To join our Fairtrade@Work programme, you have to offer at least two Fairtrade products in your office, one of which ought to be coffee. Fill out the registration form below and return to info@fairtrade.ie.

Becoming a Fairtrade Workplace means:

  • Increased opportunities for staff engagement, team building and having a work place you can be proud of.
  • Being part of an internationally renowned system that advocates for more equality and sustainability for small-scale farmers and workers in developing countries;
  • A publicly recognised certificate from Fairtrade Ireland to showcase your Fairtrade commitment to staff and customers;
  • You can add the Fairtrade@Work programme to your sustainability activities and CSR reports. Additionally you can use Fairtrade logo on your website;
  • A stronger profile in the local community- 85% of Irish consumers trust the Fairtrade Mark. Additionally, you would be in good company- there are hundreds of Fairtrade groups in Ireland including towns, schools, faith groups and colleges.