Fairtrade Fortnight 25th February 10th March 2019

Sara Montoya from the COOPCAFER coffee co-op in Colombia, and Blas Arismendis Marcelinos for the BANELINO banana co-op in the Dominican Republic are visiting Ireland for Fairtrade Fortnight 2019. They will be explaining how they and their communities Create Fairtrade – and asking us to Create Fairtrade too.

Sara Montoya – In her own words..

“Who I am? What is my name? Answering these questions would be the right way to start – the fact is that I am not a single person, nor do I have a single name … but I will not leave you without an answer: I am Mrs Lucia, Mrs Rosa, and Carmen, I am also Mr Manuel, Gonzalo, the young David, little Juanita and Esteban, I am the daughter not only of a guild, nor a community, but a family, a family that not only moves for its plantation but also for what it brings with it: values, traditions, experiences and memories.”

Blas Arismendis Marcelinos – In his own words

“Banelino is like my second family, a strong cooperative  union of committed persons united for a better tomorrow. I am proud to be a farmer and be able to support my family and others to build decent livelihoods.”

Fairtrade and Sustainable Development 

Globally, trends like climate breakdown with its furious impacts particularly for the vulnerable; persistent poverty for tens of millions of farmers caused by consistently low prices for commodities; the grossest abuses of human rights such as slavery being at historically high levels, all sit uncomfortably side by side with increasing opportunities and choices for ourselves and hundreds of millions of others.

The contrasting lives, between the haves and have nots, are ever more visible to us all.

In Fairtrade we are making a small but growing contribution to help improve the circumstances of over 1.7 million people around the world.

Globally, the extra money earned by farmers and workers in producing countries grew by 19% in 2017 to reach €178 million.
Locally, through the support of Irish companies and people, the value of Fairtrade sales in 2017 increased by 26% – the highest growth rate in the world!
And Personally, that consumer spending in Ireland amounted to €342 million in 2017. Thanks to millions of people, in Ireland and internationally, Fairtrade is making real differences for people, the environment and the planet.

The United Nations and Sustainable Development

On a far larger scale, the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent humanities best ambition to address the issues of persistent poverty, environmental degradation and out of control climate change. And all of us will be required to make significant changes in our behaviours and in our choices if we are to succeed in reaching the Goals by 2030.

The work of Fairtrade internationally touches on all of the 17 United Nations SDGs but locally we focus in particlar on the 8 that are closest to our work.

Fairtrade and SDGs in Ireland

Create Fairtrade – invites us all to use our imagination so as to contribute to a just transition in the achievement of the SDGs. In Ireland we are focussing on the Fairtrade Five SDGs that ask us to:

SGD 1. Leave no one behind and eradicate poverty by 2030.

SGD 5. Respond to the very deep gender discrimination that continues to impair women and girls lives

SGD 8. Do this with sustainable economic development, providing decent work for all

SGD 12. Recognise that responsible production and consumption is the only trading model that can ensure adequate respect for people and the environment

SGD 13. Incorporate the dramatic carbon reductions required to ensure we keep global warming within manageable levels

How will you Create Fairtrade

Everyone is invited to be part of the Fairtrade movement, what can YOU create?

  • Create Fairtrade Earthlings – It is something we can all do, with family, friends, colleagues, fellow students, anyone and any group of people can Create Fairtrade
  • Create Fairtrade your own way – individuals can make the difference
  • Create a Fairtrade Community – and bring people together
  • Create a Fairtrade School – visit our schools section to find out just how easy it is
  • Create a Fairtrade Event during Fairtrade Fortnight – surprise some people
  • Create a Fairtrade Workplace – and make your workmates proud of their workplace
  • Create a Fairtrade Recipe – and treat your friends and family

Download supporter resources

Documents, reports and images to support the Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 campaign

Download schools resources

Including Fairtrade Five alien posters and CSPE content

Meet our Guests

Sara Montoya from COOPCAFER, Colombia and Blas Arismendis Marcelino from Banelino, Dominican Republic