Fairtrade Fortnight 2018, 26 February – 11 March

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018, 26 February – 11 March

It’s that time of year again – Fairtrade Fortnight! And this year we are asking Irish people to Check Out Fairtrade and help change the world!

Over the past 12 months we have done some amazing things, and we are getting ready to do even more. In 2016 the extra money earned by farmers and workers was US$150 million and growth in Fairtrade retail sales reached an impressive EUR272 million in Ireland.

From the giant retailers like ALDI and LIDL to the small artisan brands like Clonakilty Chocolate and Esquires, real innovation has been created in the marketplace as these names became the ethical leaders in Ireland and abroad.

It’s not just the new players on the scene that are paving the way to more sustainable trade, Bewley’s, Ireland’s oldest coffee company, re-opened their iconic, and perhaps the best known Café, in Dublin. They are serving a very fine blend from Costa Rica as part of their commitment to sustainably source 100% of their Bewley’s branded coffee from small farms on fair terms.

Farmers and workers in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa produce almost all of the tropical commodities we enjoy here in Ireland but often they are not able to work their way out of poverty and support their families.

As Juliet Arku-Mensah, from the VREL banana co-op in Ghana says;

“Here, Fairtrade is about empowering workers and empowering women too. They are able to come to me and tell me the difficulties they face at work. Through this the company is able to get information about what might need changing and then problems become easier to solve”

Join the movement across Ireland this Fairtrade Fortnight as we encourage Ireland to Check Out Fairtrade and help to change the world!

  • Check Out how we make a difference to farmers and workers like Juliet
  • Check Out how Fairtrade is fighting climate change for a greener future
  • Check Out our guests Roberto from Honduras and Juliet from Ghana
  • Check Out what you can do to make a difference in your own community
  • Check Out your local supermarket and ask them about Fairtrade products
  • Check Out the coffee available in your workplace and join our Fairtrade@Work campaign
  • Check Out as many Fairtrade items as you can fit in your shopping basket!

Let’s spread the word and let farmers and workers’ voices be heard.

Be sure to use the hashtag #checkoutfairtrade anytime you Check Out Fairtrade this Fortnight!