Your College and Fairtrade

Introduction of 40.000 clean cookstoves for 20.000 coffee families in Ethiopia. Pilot project in energy efficiency for introduction of Fairtrade Carbon Credits.

College and coffee go hand in hand.  Whether it’s waking up for that 9am science lecture, meeting friends for a relaxing break or pulling an all-nighter, college days are fuelled by coffee. Do you ever stop to think about the stories and lives of the people behind the coffee in your cup?

Your College and Fairtrade

Bringing Fairtrade products to your campus is not only a great way to support economic and social change in communities that desperately need our support, but it is also an important step towards large institutions recognising their global social responsibility…

fairtrade College Criteria

The Fairtrade Colleges and Universities program offers students like you valuable leadership experience designing and implementing a multifaceted campaign.

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