Fairtrade at Work

Is your workplace ethical?

Coffee or tea is a part of everyone’s daily routine. Growing and harvesting your coffee or tea is a part of someone else’s daily routine. A simple way to support farmers and workers in the developing world is to ensure your employer only buys coffee and tea on fair and ethical terms. Pick up the bag of coffee in the kitchen or ask the caterers in your canteen – is this coffee Fairtrade?

No matter how large or small your office is, ensuring you commit to sourcing coffee and tea through the Fairtrade system means you are part of a workplace aligned with your ethical values.

Join the Fairtrade at Work movement and earn the Fairtrade Workplace certification for your office to proudly display your commitment to a more ethical and sustainable future!

Contact us at info@fairtrade.ie to learn about Fairtrade at Work and get your office certified.