Become a Fairtrade Ambassador

Become a Fairtrade Ambassador for our 20th Anniversary in 2016!

For our 20th Anniversary year in 2016 we are looking for people who are interested in becoming Fairtrade Ambassadors – positive spokespersons and community influencers. Becoming a Fairtrade Ambassador is a simple way to promote global economic justice, ultimately leading to greater impact for farmers and workers in developing countries.

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 Fairtrade Ambassadors will be able to contribute by organising their own activities and participating in those we are organising. These can include a combination of educational events, online initiatives and community events.

People could become Fairtrade Ambassadors in their town, college or workplace, sports club etc. Fairtrade will organise a briefing session for Fairtrade Ambassadors early in 2016.



  1. Advocate & Connect. Fairtrade Ambassadors arrange local events and activities that promote   Linking up with other Fairtrade Ambassadors in regional and nation-wide activities as appropriate.
  2. Organise events during Fairtrade Fortnight. In 2016 we will be focusing our work on coffee and bananas and we need your help to support this work! Fairtrade Ambassadors will be able to download resources or order materials from our web page to help you with any events you hold. Take pictures or videos of your events and share on your social media or share them with Fairtrade Ireland, for us to share on our social media platforms.
  3. Fairtrade Work place. Fairtrade Ambassadors encourage their work place to stock Fairtrade coffee, bananas, tea and sugar in staffroom or canteen and will help promote Fairtrade coffee and other Fairtrade certified products by organising Fairtrade Coffee Breaks/Fairtrade Breakfast.
  4. Invite a Friend. By engaging their friends, Fairtrade Ambassadors will multiply their reach and impact with Fairtrade Ireland. Have fun by getting your friends/family to help you organise events and activities.
  5. Share. Fairtrade Ambassadors donate their social media voice and help spread the word about sustainable Fairtrade products and up-coming events. They like the Fairtrade Facebook page and share posts to enable their friends to learn about Fairtrade. Share with their twitter follower’s information about the Fairtrade’s upcoming events, retweet the tweets and tweet about their involvement with the Fairtrade Ireland.
  6. Raise awareness of Fairtrade with their friends, family, colleagues etc. Fairtrade Ambassadors spread the word on how everybody can contribute to more equitable trading relationships and how Fairtrade products offer consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through everyday shopping.

 To register your interest please email