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  • The Future of Food

    Friday 10th of March - 2pm Online Event

    This Fairtrade Fortnight we are looking at The Future of Food and the impacts climate change will potentially have for products like cocoa, coffee and bananas. What if they just disappeared from our supermarket shelves?

    Innocent Owomuhangi works as a tea producer with small-scale tea producers in Uganda and as an Ambassador for Fairtrade Internationally. The session will look at the threats to food production through climate change impacts and what we can do to support small farmers.

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  • Active Citizenship, Advocacy and Empowerment

    Friday 10th of March - 4pm Online Event

    Aidan Ring, Fairtrade Ireland’s new Communities Outreach Officer, will co-host a talk with our visiting producer, about active citizenship, advocacy and empowerment. This will have a particular focus on the empowerment of young people to take meaningful action in the face of the climate crisis which is inextricably intertwined with the global food system. We will talk about resources available to facilitate such action and opportunities for collaborations with youth groups and festivals.

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