Thinking of becoming a Fairtrade Festival?

Fairtrade Ireland has been involved in Irish festivals for several years. The main criteria to become a Fairtrade Festival is that traders at the event must supply Fairtrade certified coffee, tea, sugar, hot chocolate, and bananas.

Criteria to become a Fairtrade Festival Read More Here Become a Fairtrade Festival

Electric Picnic and Fairtrade have had a partnership since 2007. A team of Fairtrade auditors will be at Electric Picnic again this year so if you have any burning questions about Fairtrade, make sure to stop and chat!

If you are a trader at a Fairtrade Festival, such as Electric Picnic or Body&Soul, source Fairtrade certified products from our https://www.fairtrade.ie/fairtrade-products/

If you are interested in making your festival a Fairtrade Festival or have a general query, contact us on info@fairtrade.ie or call 01 475 35 15.