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With loads of items to choose from, the Fairtrade products list is huge! Whether you’re in the market for coffee, cocoa or cotton, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when you’re out shopping.

Our Amazing Brands

It can’t be just about business as usual – a few Irish companies, and many more internationally, have set up operations with farmers and workers at the heart of everything they do. Whether they were the social entrepreneurs who established the ‘alternative trade’ model and businesses, or the 100% Fairtrade brands more recently, they continue to innovate with new products, new ways of empowering farmers and new ways of trading. Their work is vital to the future of Fairtrade.


1840 Founded in Dublin on Quaker values in 1840, Bewley’s has always recognised the power of business as a force for good.

Bewley’s is Irelands’ largest 100 percent Fairtrade branded coffee company. Bewley’s are the first Irish company to source coffee purchased on Fairtrade terms in 1996, the product was called Bewleys Direct, it was sourced from a single coffee cooperative in Costa Rica, COOCAFE. The original order was for two tonnes of Fairtrade coffee. Bewley’s has a proud heritage and we desire to be a positive influence in wider society through those whose lives we touch. Our Quaker origins are at the heart of our company, guiding our business practices and the development of long–term sustainable supply relationships with the world’s best tea and coffee producers. We serve over 600m cups of tea and coffee worldwide every year, so we know a thing or two about crafting the perfect taste for even the pickiest palettes.

Support for Fairtrade

In the last 5 years alone, Bewley’s has paid over EUR1 million in Fairtrade premiums (20 cent per lb), all of which has gone to support marginalised coffee growers in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. The Fairtrade minimum price ensures growers are paid above the cost of production for their coffee with a 20 cents premium paid to help growers strengthen their businesses and communities for the long term.
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Fairtrade certified since 2006

Insomnia Coffee Company has been 100% Fairtrade certified since 2006 and has used 100% Fairtrade certified coffee long before it was fashionable. Six months was spent trialing different blends of beans, as it was of vital importance to us that the taste profile of our fairly traded coffee was exactly the same as the one we had been using. Bobby Kerr’s visit to Nicaragua in 2008 and Ethiopia in 2009, which cemented the companies, ties with the Fairtrade coffee farmer’s communities. 2018 is the 12th year of Insomnia serving only 100% certified Fairtrade coffee beans, which is a massive accomplishment and one that they are immensely proud of, not to mention determined to continue for many more years to come. The extra premium generated by Insomnia’s Fairtrade coffee purchases now amounts to over €150,000 per annum. They now also have Fairtrade tea and cocoa in their stores.

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Prarie Traders

Prairie Traders was launched in 2015 when Mark Wells and Mary Mc Govern saw there was a market for Fairtrade organic cotton garments that was not being fulfilled in Ireland.  Mark had been involved previously with other ethical brands but wanted to set up his own company for a long time.. Along with being Fairtrade, all Prairie garments are made from 100% organic, sustainable cotton. If your concerned about not just the quality but also the ethics of where your garments come from then Prairie is made for you.

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Other Companies Operating In Ireland 

Cafe Direct

Cafédirect was one of the first companies in the world set up to provide a better deal for coffee farmers who had generally been ignored and exploited by the mainstream coffee industry. Much of Fairtrade’s success subsequently was built on the vision and conviction of brands like cafédirect.

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Divine Chocolate

Divine, another UK based pioneer brand, has taken their ideas about empowering farmers to its obvious conclusion, and it is now 50% owned by the cocoa farmers in Ghana who produce the cocoa used in their products.

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Ben & Jerry’s

The iconic ice cream brand was founded Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who were childhood friends in New York. A little known fact about the development of their ice cream flavours is that Cohen has severe ‘anosmia’, a lack of a sense of smell or taste, and so relied on “mouth feel” and texture to provide variety in his diet. This led to the company’s trademark chunks being mixed in with their ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s ice creams all carry the Fairtrade Mark.

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