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Make your business more sustainable through Fairtrade

Sustainable consumption and sustainable business practices have become the expectation, rather than the exception.

By putting the Fairtrade mark on your products, stocking Fairtrade goods or serving them to your customers you have a positive impact on small farmers’ and workers, take part in a sustainable supply chain, and you can demonstrate your ethical commitment to your clients.

Whether your business is completely new to Fairtrade or it is already selling Fairtrade products, this section will provide you with the information and resources you need.

Become a Fairtrade licensee and use our Mark on your products

Ready to label your product with one of the world's most widely recognized ethical certification marks? Before you can communicate to your customers that you believe in paying producers a fair price for the goods they work hard to grow, you'll need to become a Fairtrade Licensee.

What is licensing?

Becoming a licensee means that you will sign a contract giving you the right to use the Fairtrade Mark on your products sourced from a Fairtrade supply chain - in line with the Fairtrade Mark Guidelines.

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For any enquires or questions about becoming a licensee or putting the Fairtrade Mark on your product. See More below about the process.

Top 4 reasons to be part of Fairtrade

Enhance your brand reputation

Consumers know and trust the FAIRTRADE Mark. It is one of the most widely recognized ethical labels in the world, with a majority of consumers saying the mark has a positive impact on their perception of brands.

Secure a stable and transparent supply chain

We offer several approaches to help your supply chain become more transparent and sustainable. We also foster long-term trading partnerships with suppliers, empowering them to increase their quality and their responsiveness to market trends.

Integrate sustainability into the core of your business

We create real, sustainable change by supporting businesses to tackle human rights and environmental due diligence in their supply chains. We support businesses to tackle exploitative labour and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Rely on a trusted certification and assurance system

Our independent certification system follows best-in-class practices, including scheduled and unscheduled on-site visits by trained auditors. Our assurance scheme is compliant with ISEAL's Assurance Code, an international code for sustainability standards.

Apply to become a licensee

We're glad you've decided to become a Fairtrade Licensee and looking forward to supporting you along the way.

The Licensee Journey In 5 Steps


Fill in the form A and submit for review.

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  • Supply Chains


Contact our third-party certifier and auditor licencing body FLOCERT and get Fairtrade certified.

Signing the license contract

Your company and Fairtrade Ireland sign the contract.

Product registration and artwork submission

Register each product and submit for approval in Connect our online portal.

Sales reporting and fee paying

Report the sales every quarter and pay the respective licence fees.

Apply now

Please fill out the registration form and send it to

Resources For Licensee’s