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Fairtrade is good for your business

By putting the Fairtrade mark on your products, stocking Fairtrade goods or serving them to your customers you have a positive impact on small farmers’ and workers’ lives in the developing world, you take part in a sustainable supply chain, and you can demonstrate your ethical commitment to your clients.

Fairtrade is a tangible and easily identified part of a good CSR strategy. It will contribute to your staff motivation and corporate image.

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency in the sourcing of their food and their products. The most credible way to do this is through trusted independent, third-party certification.

Having an ethical label on a product showing it is sustainable increases the likelihood of consumers buying a product. Can you afford not to carry Fairtrade certification?

Ways your business can work with us

There are five main ways that your business can get involved with Fairtrade:

If your business owns finished products which you sell on to wholesalers, retailers, distributors, food service companies or directly to the public, you can become a licensee and have the Fairtrade mark on your products.

Please see our Licensing Procedures here and contact us in Fairtrade Ireland on +353 (0)1 475 3515 or at for further information.

If the product you wish to sell on Fairtrade terms meets our international standards, then we can start the licensing process.

If you are a restaurant, caterer, cafe or retailer, we can help you provide Fairtrade products for your customers.

If you run a restaurant, cafe or you are a retailer, use the guide below to help you find a supplier of packaged Fairtrade products.

Where to buy Fairtrade Products

Contact us if you operate at a regional or national level, and are seeking to bring more Fairtrade products into your business.

If you want to serve Fairtrade coffee, tea, sugar and other products within your workplace please refer to our product guide

You can also sign up to Fairtrade At Work

If your main market is Ireland you need to register as a trader with Fairtrade Ireland. Your customers will then be able to use your products or ingredients in their Fairtrade certified products.

If you are buying and selling unfinished Fairtrade products or ingredients internationally, you will need to become an internationally certified trader so please visit the FLO-Cert website.

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