Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

Create Fairtrade

Create Fairtrade is the theme for Fairtrade Fortnight this year. We are asking everyone to re-imagine what we can do to make Fairtrade a reality for more farmers and workers. And in doing so we will be helping to achieve many of the most important United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Globally, the extra money earned by farmers and workers in producing countries grew by 19% in 2017 to reach €178 million, Locally, the value of Fairtrade sales in Ireland in 2017 increased by 26% – the highest growth rate in the world! And Personally, that consumer spending in Ireland continued to grow to €382 million in 2018.

Thanks to millions of people, in Ireland and internationally, Fairtrade is making real differences for people, the environment and the planet.

This year our two guests are; Sara Montoya from the COOPCAFER coffee co-op in Colombia, and Blas Arismendis Marcelinos for the BANELINO banana co-op in the Dominican Republic.

They will be explaining how they and their communities Create Fairtrade for themselves.

Create Fairtrade – Sustainability In Practice

In these links, you will find some practical ways to Create Fairtrade –

  • With the Irish Government because they are one of the biggest spenders in Ireland and by asking them for a Fair and Green Procurement Policy
  • In Schools – through engaging with our educational materials
  • In Colleges – by making your campus a Fairtrade College
  • With Irish retailers – because only 9% of bananas sold in Ireland are Fairtrade
  • In our Workplaces – because it’s a great way to increase the volume of Fairtrade coffee, tea and other products that are sold

We also hope you find the time and energy to enjoy Creating Fairtrade in fun and enjoyable ways for yourself, family and friends; and thanks for your ongoing support which makes it possible to do everything we are all able to do!