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A Fair Guide to Christmas 2020

There’s thousands of Fairtrade products to choose from out there that would make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for you and your loved ones – here are a few ideas if you’re looking! EXPLODING TREE CRAFT CHOCOLATE SELECTION BOX If you’re a supporter of fair and local Exploding Tree’s selection box is the perfect gift for …Read More


  Together with Ben & Jerry’s we’re on a mission to make a living income possible for cocoa farmers in West Africa   At Fairtrade, we believe that all farmers should be paid fairly for their work and have the opportunity to afford a decent standard of living. Our mission is to ensure that farmers are …Read More

Taste A Change In Chocolate.. Lidl’s four new ‘Way To Go’ chocolate bars launched in Ireland.

By all accounts, cocoa farmers in West Africa get very little for their cocoa beans. It is estimated there are over 2 million cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast and Ghana and the majority are living on less than half the World Bank extreme poverty level of US$ 1.90 a day. By all accounts cocoa …Read More

We all love Bananas

I love bananas!  Other than being rich in vitamin B6, bananas are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre and magnesium. They’re one of the most popular fruits in the world, and many people can’t contemplate a morning without one. Bananas are also a staple food for millions of people, and a major export …Read More

12 Fairtrade Chocolate Choices You Can Make In Your Local Shop

We’ve all been there – it’s Friday, we’ve been at work all week, we deserve a treat. But a treat for us shouldn’t be at the expense of others. We don’t want exploitation and poverty to be the cost of our chocolate bar. Cocoa farmers typically work gruelling days but don’t earn enough to provide …Read More

Fairtrade producers raise their voices to ask Nestle to keep Kitkat Fairtrade

“As Fairtrade producers, our voice is heard and taken into account. We are treated with the respect and dignity we deserve.” After a decade of sourcing cocoa and sugar for KitKat in the UK and Ireland, Nestlé have informed Fairtrade they no longer plan to buy Fairtrade cocoa and sugar from some of the world’s …Read More

Our top picks for Easter

Even in these extraordinarily difficult times, it will still be Easter in a couple of weeks.  By choosing Fairtrade chocolate this Easter you can help support farmers and workers around the world by sharing some hope and love a little bit further. Here are our top picks to buy this Easter. There is something here …Read More

Government’s Basket Needs More Fairtrade!

Government’s Basket Needs More Fairtrade! Irish General Election 2020 – Briefing Note: Fairtrade Ireland Issues, Opportunities and Responsibilities: Irish Government support needed for fairer trade, sustainable development, climate mitigation and a just transition for marginalised producers. 24th January 2020 Introduction: In the same way as for Irish citizens and companies, the Irish Government has responsibilities …Read More

Public Consultation on the Proposed Introduction of New Environmental Levies

‘Coffee Cup’ levy proposal at 0.15 cent per cup The proposed ‘coffee cup’ levy is really a levy on single-use disposable cups and is being proposed both as a disincentive for consumers to pay extra for the cup and as a means of generating income to be used by the Environment Fund to build re-cycling …Read More

A Fair Guide to Christmas

By Lucy Geraty Exploding Tree Craft Chocolate Selection Box If you’re a supporter of fair and local Exploding Tree’s selection box is the perfect gift for you! Exploding Tree is a small Irish business and Fairtrade licensee based in Clonakilty and all of their products use 100% Fairtrade cocoa and organic coconut sugar and come …Read More