12 Fairtrade Chocolate Choices You Can Make In Your Local Shop

We’ve all been there – it’s Friday, we’ve been at work all week, we deserve a treat. But a treat for us shouldn’t be at the expense of others. We don’t want exploitation and poverty to be the cost of our chocolate bar.

Cocoa farmers typically work gruelling days but don’t earn enough to provide the basics for their families or give opportunities to their children. When you choose Fairtrade chocolate, you know that you are making a difference to farmers’ lives and supporting a brighter future for their families.

Here are some of the Fairtrade chocolate bars you can find in local shops, so when you’re next craving a well-deserved treat you can make the ethical and fair choice because cocoa farmers deserve a living income.


We all know and love these honeycomb-centred balls of yumminess. And they’re available almost everywhere! Look for the Fairtrade Mark.


M&S has a selection of Fairtrade chocolate including their Single Origin range. Try the Gianduja chocolate with Italian hazelnuts or the white chocolate with pistachios.


Lidl has a wide range of chocolate that, through the Fairtrade Cocoa Programme, enables small-scale farmers to benefit by selling more of their cocoa as Fairtrade. Choose from JD Gross and the Fin Carre range.

Holland & Barrett

If you’re after a vegan option, pick up a bar of Vego from Holland & Barrett. While you’re there, pick up a tub of vegan hazelnut chocolate spread. Both are organic as well as Fairtrade and delicious – so they really tick all the boxes!

Chocolate and Love

Chocolate and Love pride themselves on sourcing some of the world’s finest organic, ethically sourced ingredients to produce their award-winning Fairtrade bars, available in Nourish.

Try one ofAldi’s delicious ‘Moser Roth’ range of Fairtrade single origin chocolate bars. Choose from either Ghana, Dominican Republic or Peru.

Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely, is made with a mission to end slavery in the cocoa industry, and with Belgian Fairtrade dark, dark milk and milk chocolate bars. Another bonus is that it is all plastic-free, recyclable packaging. Available in selected Super Valu and SPAR stores as well as through independent retailers like Fresh Stores, Brown Thomas and Avoca


SPAR has launched the SPAR Natural product line in stores throughout the country. The new instore range includes 3 chocolate bars! Available nationwide!

Exploding Tree

Award-Winning ‘Exploding Tree’c hocolate from Bean to Bar produced by Clonakilty chocolatier Allison Roberts. Available in Nourish, The Hopsack, Dublin food coop and specialty shops throughout  Ireland.


Green & Blacks – look for the Fairtrade Mark

Divine – look out for their milk chocolate with orange bar!

A Starbucks near your office? Pop in for your afternoon treat. Snack-sized milk and dark chocolate bars available, look for the Fairtrade Mark.

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