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4th to 17th March 2024

To address the impacts of climate change; the increasing precariousness for farmers and workers everywhere; the extinction of our natural world; and need for all business to be sustainable - we need to look, to think and to act locally; and to look, to think and to act globally.


This year we are encouraging Irish people to get engaged in lots of ways to support a better deal for farmers and workers - through our purchases at home and at work. And through asking politicians to support Fairtrade if elected to the European Parliament in June.

Our commercial campaigns this year are about; FAIRTRADE ROSES and we asking people to think about the people and the environment when picking their roses: We also want to highlight one of our core products, FAIRTRADE COFFEE and the need to support the coffee farmers and the coffee companies buying on Fairtrade terms. We have a guest from the Coffee coop COOMAP in Brazil, Rafael Fonseca, visiting Ireland during Fairtrade Fortnight 2024. And importantly we are also supporting an example of an inspiring CHOCOLATE company.

For actions and activities See ‘Ideas To Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight’ page.

The 27 European Union countries account for 14% of global trade and have a combined GDP of €14.5 trillion, making the EU the world’s third-largest economy after China and the United States. The EU sets the rules for access to this single market and these rules have increasing impacts on people all over the world.

We need climate finance at a scale not yet delivered for the people who need it most to survive. We need to invest in more agro-ecological approaches to farming and the environment. And we need supports for businesses to transition to sustainable business models. We need to do this in Ireland, in Europe and Globally.

Members of the next European Union Parliament, need to make these trade rules fairer, their financial support higher and more targeted, and the operation of the EU single market, a better example for the world.

  • Fair Trade Agreements: Members of the European Parliament have a choice: More of the same trade models; or “Fair Trade Agreements” that put people and the environment together with business and profit.
  • Fair Policies: Members of the European Parliament in the past 5 years achieved important milestones for the people and the planet. These need to be implemented properly. MEPs can also co-design the new policies the world needs to survive the growing social, environmental, and climate crises.

  • Fair Access To Climate Finance: Members of the European Parliament can ensure international climate finance is scaled up to meet the climate crises and that support moves towards agroecology, to support more sustainable business practices, and help to transform trade for people and planet.

At European and local elections in 2024, we are asking people to tell our political candidates to support a Global Green Deal - that includes Local and European dimensions.

Send our letter to your MEP Candidates

Fairtrade Fortnight is the time when the movement comes together. Campaigners, supporters, citizens, shoppers, civil society and commercial partners to work together to help support farmers and workers today.