Fairtrade College

All across Ireland, students and university/college staff are raising awareness and availability of products with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

A Fairtrade University or College is one that has made a commitment to supporting and using Fairtrade. They ensure that Fairtrade products are available in as many places as possible and they raise awareness of Fairtrade and the benefits that it brings to producers in developing countries with students and staff. 

Goals & Guidelines

Fairtrade College Criteria

There are 5 goals to be achieved in order to become a Fairtrade university or college. This documnet explains the goals along with a registration form, send this in to Fairtrade Ireland so you do not miss out on additional support availble. 

Registration Form

Application Form 

Once you feel you college has met the criteria, fill out the application form and send it into Fairtrade Ireland.