Using the FAIRTRADE Mark

Closeup of Fairtrade Products

Guidelines for product packaging and promotional materials.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the Irish version of FLO's international certification label which is an EU registered trademark (No. 0026 06 994).

As a certification label it may be used only in direct relation to products that are certified in accordance with Fairtrade standards. It can also be reproduced on printed promotional materials to encourage people to purchase Fairtrade certified products.


Guidelines and requirements for use of the FAIRTRADE Mark:

  • Manual for Packaging Materials (for companies that have signed a licensee agreement with Fairtrade Ireland) - to get a copy please contact
  • Manual for Promotional Materials - we are currently updating our manual, please send us an email to and we will help you.

The use of the term "Fairtrade" (one word) is reserved by Fairtrade Ireland as a description of products and transactions involving products that meet international Fairtrade standards.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is also available in EPS - please email or call 01 475 3515

PLEASE NOTE: Unless a new product application has been approved by the Commercial Relations Team AND a signed Licence Agreement is in existence covering the product(s) in question, artwork cannot be approved. In addition artwork and use of the FAIRTRADE Mark is not approved unless you have received written confirmation from Fairtrade Mark Ireland.